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Advantages for Volume Orders

If you have repeated large orders for us, we reward your trust with individual and affordable offers for our photo editing and clipping. We offer professional and fast work and full support in the planning and implementation of your idea. You can contact us anytime via contact form, e-mail or phone and we will provide you with a unique price!



Photo Editing and Clipping

Editing photos can be a rather demanding and time consuming process. Our team is here to assist you in this process so that you can focus on more significant matters. Our team includes graphic designers who have years of experience in photo editing and are able to create the best result in the shortest time, and at the best price.

We understand that our clients have to save time, especially with larger projects. Our team offers to take responsibility for the laborious work so that our clients can save time of their employees and implement other ideas. We let the photos of our clients speak for themselves, and with high-class and breathtaking photos, the potential customers are not far away either. That is why we always recommend the clipping of images so that the focus is always on the most important subject.

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Graphic Design

Your projects cannot work without clipped photos? Enjoy the creative part and we will do the clipping!


Online shops

Whether on your own website or on Amazon, Ebay or Google - you need professional photos to present yourself in the best light.



After every photo shoot you have to do the editing as well? Leave the photo editing to us and save time!


Advertising agency

Are you creating a website or working on other campaigns for your clients? They need expressive pictures and we can create them!


Why is Photo Editing Important?

In recent years, digital photo processing has become inevitable. New software and image tools offer versatile post-processing possibilities for photos that can be subsequently improved and clipped. It is possible to change the color, or to influence or completely remove certain motifs in a photo. It is suggested to remove the background of the photo so that only the main subject is visible. The advantage of such photo editing is immediately distinguishable - the product can be flawlessly presented, without disturbing backgrounds.

How We Make It Happen?

Send us your photo and we will edit and clip it – as simple as that! Whether a large order or just one photo - the satisfaction of our customers is of crucial importance to us. Every project is discussed in detail and the ideas of our customers are taken into consideration and implemented in the final product. Would you like to have your subject clipped on a transparent background or do you prefer a colorful background? Whatever you choose, your wish is our command! We have several options when it comes to the transfer of photo data. We offer uploads via FTP, 3W Dropbox, SAFEBOX, or via Wetransfer and the access is easy and quick. You can choose the format and image size, whether as a JPG or in Photoshop format (PSD), where in the latter the clipped subject and the background are on separate layers. After a brief discussion and upload of your data, you can download your clipped photos after a short while. We offer our express service as well - you get your edited photos back after only a few hours!


The Costs

Less than you think! We offer you photo editing at reasonable prices and in the best quality. We are reliable, effective and punctual. Our pricing depends on the order volume and the subject to be clipped. We offer clipped motives in large quantities at a fixed price. More complicated clippings, such as that of groups of people or of hair, require more effort and are therefore insignificantly more expensive. More details? You can get the clipping of a simple piece of jewelry for 0.80€; a single person for 3,00€ per picture and the price for groups begins at 5,00€ per picture. You can easily pay by invoice, Paypal, or bank transfer.

You can contact us by phone or contact form and assure yourself how our 24/7 service functions. We have everything your catalog, online trade, portfolio or website needs!

We Make Your Photos Better

A photo is the most significant component of any marketing campaign. We offer our support regardless of whether you want to clip motifs, enhance the quality of your photos or have other ideas we can implement. One thing is sure - the final results of our photo editing will definitely amaze you. You can submit your request anytime or test us for free. No matter what size the project is - we are here to help you. And the best of all - we create individual offers for repeated large projects!