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Photos with turbulent backgrounds that distract too much from the main subject are not suitable for catalogs, blogs or online shops. In order to realize a clear and airy design one uses cut-outs, without which a perfect product presentation would not be possible at all. Customers clearly recognize whether a photo is professionally edited and classify companies that work with good images as high-quality and trustworthy. Your investment in picture quality pays off. In addition, cut-outs with a transparent background can be used specifically for the graphic design of brochures or websites. These motifs allow maximum creativity in layout and screen design. Your customers will thank you and you too will benefit. A serious, visual corporate appearance increases the buying interest in your products. With all this knowledge, we are happy to dedicate ourselves to your photos and ensure clean-cut product photos in absolute professional quality. You are a specialist when it comes to shooting excellent product images. Let's work in the field of image editing as professionals to make the most of your pictures!


Precise results even with difficult subjects

Our image-editing professionals will not shy away from difficult tasks and master even challenging challenges easily and quickly. This includes the hair cut or Freisteller with animal motifs. To professionally edit such photographs and remove the background qualitatively, we dig deep into the digital bag of tricks. With masks and layers, the object is selected with pixel precision – in addition, our experts work with the alpha channel, which enables a crystal-clear separation between element and background. Years of experience, a trained eye and high-quality software tools enable an absolute precise release of the desired picture element. A task that untrained image editors often despair of. Save time and nerves and let us free your photos. We work according to your individual wishes and deliver best results at unbeatable low prices! Incidentally, this not only applies to the cropping, but also to other work around the photo, such as image enhancement, color correction or beauty retouching. We have an open ear for each of your ideas, the right tools and the necessary skills!

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What are clippers exactly?

Clippers are photos that have been modified with an image editor so that the main subject and the background are separated from each other. With professional software, such as As Adobe Photoshop, the image can be divided into different levels, which then superimpose like transparent slides. If you hide the background layer, only the main motif remains. This can then be inserted into new scenarios via computer. For use in online shops, cut-outs are essential, since on a product photo should distract nothing from the goods offered. Here one works mostly with a white background. Take the opportunity now and have a test photo edited by us for free! We are happy to convince you of a concrete work sample of our capabilities!


Our Service for the Best Result!

SWAMOO CLIPPING offers a wide range of photo editing services. From detailed advice to the secure uploading of photos and various delivery formats; our 24/7 service is at your disposal. We respect your special wishes and bring your ideas to life. Our service:

Clipping images with low budget

Perfect Photo Editing Skills.

In order to create the perfect results in photo editing, you need the knowledge and the appropriate tools. We have everything available! For this reason, photographers, advertising agencies, shop owners, and industrial companies entrust us with the ediitng of their photos.

Our services include:

  • Precise clipping
  • Fast service
  • Delivery of the files in your desired format
  • Clipping paths, masks, separate layers
  • Retouch, shadow and mirror effects
  • Vectorization color change
  • Image optimization for Ebay and Amazon

Our Knowledge

for Your Project!

In recent years, professionally edited photos have increasingly ensured the success of a project or online shop. However, editing photos can be very time consuming and without the proper knowledge there is no success in the attempt to edit a photo. It is important which photos are used for catalogs, blogs or an online shop. Companies that offer realistic and professional photos are appreciated by customers. Such photos have a high-quality effect and inspire confidence - the ideal result you desire. Photos with a transparent background are also perfect for designing brochures or websites. These photos arouse interest in buying; professional photos mean a professional and serious buying experience for customers who appreciate quality product photos.
SWAMOO CLIPPING processes your photos quickly and professionally and ensures that every disturbing element in the image is removed. We are reliable, and work on time in order to fulfill your wishes. Your only concern is the uploading of your photos, allowing you to focus on more important projects in your company and to save on your own resources. Moreover, our team loves challenges! Even difficult and challenging motives are mastered effortlessly and fast. A good eye, years of experience and high-quality tools allow us a perfect clipping of the desired photo element. We respect your wishes and help you with our advice so that you always get the best results for the best price. This applies to all our offers - from image optimization to color correction and retouching. We are ready to make your ideas a reality with suitable tools and the necessary skills!