Fur, Beard, Hair Clipping

From curls, over beards to body hair - all hair must be professionally processed! The background is of crucial importance in this type of editing since it greatly influences the level of difficulty of editing. Bright hair and a light background make it increasingly difficult to edit the photo professionally, while fur is one of the most problematic categories in photo editing since it makes a simple clipping of clothes very complicated. Photos of animals also count as the most complicated for professional clipping since they have to be edited in the most realistic and detailed manner. Give us your trust and let us edit your pictures professionally, quickly and for the best price!

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Hair Clipping

All hair types are welcome! We use alpha channel to create perfect photos in your desired format.


We offer you paths in separate layers which you can edit, highlight or color separately!


The editing of larger groups is not a problem for us!


We remove disturbing impurities, blemishes, wrinkles, and freckles for you.


Hair Clipping – the Supreme Discipline

The biggest challenge in photo editing is the clipping of people and hair. There are many ways to achieve a perfect result, but for people with no time or experience the results are rarely identical to those in catalogs or online. No reason to despair! If you are a photographer who shoots outstanding portraits of people or animals, or someone who wants to beautify their private images - let our team of professionals help you in the photo editing!

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Our service:

  • Clipping of people
  • Hair clipping
  • Sending RAW files
  • Alpha channel
  • Special rates for photo studios, graphic designers and advertising agencies
  • Post production
  • Exchange of people and groups of people
  • Background exchange

People and Hair Clipping

Hair clipping is probably the most demanding discipline of photo editing. It does not matter whether a job application photo, product photo or fashion photo - even the best despair here. That is why every expert in this field does his job; the photographer is responsible for the photos and the specialist agency takes care of the editing according to the customer's request. This saves time and money. Try us out now via our express test service and get inspired by the professionalism and speed of our photo editing!