Hollow-Man Montage

As the garment industry becomes more important, international manufacturers are resolutely fighting for this industry. The key to success, of course, is the presentation of goods. The best way to make your clothes attractive to the customer is with the hollow-man montage.

The hollow-man montage makes your garment look plastic – perfect for the customers to imagine the garment on themselves! It is a professional and effective presentation of your clothes – one your customers will certainly appreciate.

Elements of the photo are edited to make the garment appear realistic and fresh which is a much easier and cheaper approach compared to a shooting with professional models.

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How Does It Function?

The hollow-man montage allows the customer to imagine how ​​a piece of clothing looks like and how the cut interacts with the fabric. This type of photo editing enhances the buying experience of the customer and saves money for the provider as well, who can now do without expensive model shoots.​​​​

The hollow-man photo processing combines photography and editing; the garment is photographed on a mannequin and the hidden elements are photographed on their own again. Then all the additions are removed from the image and the missing elements are added again.


Clipp object, remove doll, montage cuffs, rebuild of inside or use available material