Retouch in best quality

Our high-end retouching service is aimed primarily at professional photographers, design and advertising agencies, publishers and all customers who need high-quality retouching for their product presentation. Such images are often traced by hand to get the details and effects. You will get a result in high resolution and best quality. Details such as color contrasts and light incidence are individually optimized in this highly professional photo processing.
Your product or model is presented perfectly. The result is significantly higher quality than a standard retouch. These results are also optimized for large format printing!

Why High-End Retouching?

Do you want to present yourself to your customers in a professional and great way? In this case, a professional photo editing of your products is a must! Whether fashion, real estate, vehicles, food or hair: the presentation of your products says a lot about your business! Our high-end retouching offers everything your product needs; from removal of small defects, over addition of objects to color and light correction - we process all images according to your specifications and wishes! Our services include:


High-End Retouching

Advertising photos presented on large areas must be edited down to the smallest detail in order to achieve the maximum effect. It is intended primarily for professional photographers, advertising agencies and publishers who always require highly professional photos for their product presentation. Editing such photos often includes detailing by hand. With us you get the best quality results in high resolution. We offer you more than flawless beauty, clothes without wrinkles or perfect hair. We optimize color contrasts and lighting for a perfect presentation of your models or products. And the best - our post-processing is also suitable for large format printing!

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Our services include:

  • Removal of dust, scratches, fingerprints
  • People, machines, products
  • Addition and removal of objects
  • Beauty retouching
  • Transparent objects and glass surfaces
  • RAW data processing
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Retouch of transparent objects and glass surfaces:

  • Retouching transparent surfaces and objects
  • Flexible adaptation of transparency
  • Separate paths of transparent components
  • Creation of shadows and reflections